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Intruders is Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

Have you seen this film? I realize it was released in 2011 and perhaps I’m a little late in this review…Image

Here’s the thing about scary movies; there is a right and a wrong way to do them. Many horror movies go too far and by that I mean, they start with scary and then push it too unbelievable.  Once something exits the realm of “Possible” it no longer retains the scary factor because our ability to suspend disbelief is compromised.  You can’t plant a story-line in  the real-world and then part way through switch to fantasy or supernatural and expect the audience to stay with you.

Good examples of this would be, Jeepers Creepers, the first one has you believing that this sadistic very creepy man is chasing down two teens.  It’s very scary because it’s possible, completely plausible in our every day lives – there are murders everywhere. However, half way through the film you discover that it’s not a man but a winged demon. This ruins the initial fear the film instills because it just exited real and became supernatural so we no longer feel that we are actually in danger. This does not apply to the second installment of Jeepers Creepers because we know he is a demon and the film is based around that supernatural concept – it does not flip-flop between two different planes.

Another film that blows it in this way is Insidious.  Insidious had the potential to be a very scary movie but once they crossed over into the unbelievable insanity of the dream world or “The further” the movie began to skirt the borders of ridiculous.

The key to a brilliant and effective scary movie (horror/thriller) is to make the audience feel like it could happen to them.  This is where Intruders really hit the nail on the head.  The film focuses around a little boy and a little girl in two different parts of the world but both are dealing with the same scary figure named “Hollowface.” Depending on the copy of the movie you see there may or may not be subtitles; the little boy’s story is told in Spanish but what I came to appreciate was that the conversations going on in Spanish are not relevant.  The movie wants you to focus on the atmosphere and the scene its self – not the dialogue.  It is easy to determine what is generally being said anyway, so don’t fret when you find that you cannot keep up with the dialogue.

This film sort of plays on your typical imaginary boogeyman figure, which may not seem scary, but the fear really comes into play when you realize that adults see it too and you start to wonder if Hollowface is a real person or not. This film never gets too crazy, although there is plenty of spooky imagery and it plays on many natural fears; like being afraid of the dark, having your home burglarized while your in it, losing a child or having a child attacked etc. This film consistently keeps it’s feet planted in reality which, in my opinion, makes the film actually scary.

This film deserves more recognition as a horror-masterpiece and I really recommend it to those horror film skeptics out there – like myself.  The film stars Clive Owen and he always delivers an impeccable performance; this film is no exception, so buy it, rent it or eh um – download it 😉



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Ted, Teddy, Holy F**k!

Have you seen Ted? No? Why not!?

I was very skeptical about this film but I decided to go see it because I was less skeptical about Ted than I was about the Amazing Spider-man. I was not disappointed!  I laughed out loud several times at the inappropriate jokes, weird situations and awkward moments.  The dialogue is just insane and routinely points and laughs at it’s self, which is something few movies do….it really makes fun of the obvious flaws in the plot and the uncanny similarity between Ted and Peter Griffin.

The humor in this film is inappropriate in the way that Family Guy is inappropriate, it’s socially/politically incorrect and dares to comment on situations that, most of us, purposely avoid discussing.  The novelty of this profane insanity coming from a stuffed animal never wears off! You never really get use to the adult attitude, voice or mannerisms…nearly every scene is surprising, solely because it’s such an absurd concept. The plot is a classic romance scenario in which a friendship is broken up in favor of an increasingly serious romantic-attachment.  This traditional storyline is shaken up by an interesting kidnapping scenario (enter Giovanni Ribisi – who plays an EXCELLENT CREEP) and is ended with a reverse-reverse Velveteen Rabbit, which is bastardized by even more political incorrectness.  The ending, which is initially sad and uncomfortable is quickly rerouted into something hilarious and awkward.  This R-rated Pinocchio-like tale is all-in-all a really funny film for those out there who do have a crass sense of humor or who can at least appreciate one.  Many aspects of this film are offensive and derogatory so perhaps keep that in mind if you are planning to see it and remember – yes, the main character is a Teddy Bear but, no, it’s not a children’s movie.  This is as much of a children’s movie as Pan’s Labyrinth is….and I know several parents that made that mistake o.O

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Prometheus: A Film Review

Let’s start by stating that, yes, it is a prequel to the 1979 film, “Alien,” even the movie poster pays homage to it – so lets not argue! Interestingly enough, it received a 74% approval rate from critics and viewers alike, according to Rotten Tomatoes.  However, if you are anything like me, then your tastes never coincide with Rotten Tomatoes statistics…sometimes I wonder if critics and viewers just saw the same film I did, but that’s neither here nor there at the moment!  Typically I find Rotten Tomatoes to be right about 60% of the time (where viewers votes are concerned) but if a movie has been touted as being AMAZING or OSCAR-WORTHY for weeks before it’s debut, viewers become zombie’s and rate a film really well even if it was not the greatest. So I believe in making up your own mind about a film and don’t avoid watching it just because you heard some things or your friends didn’t appreciate it.  Keeping that in mind, I am attempting to be honest about the films I cover, giving credit where it is due and pointing out the flaws, when they exist. So get your grain of salt ready.  Also, I have my own built-in biases – naturally. I love movies with really clever dialogue and humor and I strongly dislike slap-stick comedy, I am also very critical of modern horror movies BUT I will try my best to remain impartial. Feel free to point out if I am being unfair!

Without further ado, let’s get to it!

The acting in this film was incredible, it was visually stunning and the dialogue was well-written. So where did it fall short? Probably the biggest failing, if you can call it that, was the tempo of the film. It was slow moving – which made it difficult to sit through a midnight sneak-peek and it was fairly anti-climactic. Somehow I was expecting much more action.  If you are going to create a film of this nature and have as much build-up throughout the movie, as this one does, it better be worth sitting through that build-up.  I mean, you better blow my mind with action sequences, edge of my seat thrills and a bombardment of horrifying creatures for a decent portion of the film. I wanted more suspense and more pay-off for that suspense.

Although this movie should be considered to have its own identity, being a ‘prequel’ means that comparisons are unavoidable. It has a lot to live up to in the action department where the other ‘Alien’ movies are concerned. It just didn’t fill the shoes of its predecessors in that department.  Another beef? It was in 3D and once again, it was actually a movie that could have truly utilized 3D, but didn’t.  Why use 3D if you’re not actually going to USE 3D. You know what I mean? Things should be flying at my face, blood splattering at me, weapon and debris whizzing past my head…I feel that making a film in 3D these days, simply means they can charge you an extra $6.00 for your ticket which includes cheap glasses, that they expect you to return after the film.

I would recommend seeing this film for certain components, just like True Grit or Avatar. True Grit was incredibly acted and Avatar was visually mesmerizing….but were any of them the whole package? No. Neither is Prometheus. It is worth seeing for certain aspects but overall…I’d wait for the Blue-Ray to hit the shelves.

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Fashion and Films, the ultimate pair!

I created “FFF” for two reasons;  The first being so I can discuss fashion with the world in a way that is both relevant and accessible, the second being so that I can discuss current cinematic samplings in a way that is critical but also entertaining. A review that you WANT to read – that you look forward to reading.

There is an aspect of fashion that is somehow elite – closed to the everyday bystander. Whether it’s the terminology or the seemingly outrageous garbs that initially appear on runways, people just avoid truly engaging in fashion and it’s ever-changing trends. I am aiming to make it fun again, offering insight on how-to translate the runway version to a wearable version and most importantly try to highlight which aspects are going to be the next IT thing(s). Furthermore, I want to spot those trends first, so that you can be the first to sport them!  I plan to achieve this by meticulously scrutinizing the sources – the designers themselves – and their latest runway offerings. I also intend to branch this out into beauty and worth-while products.  All my beauty insight will come to you via personal testing, polls based on volunteer testers and medical professionals – in short it will be the REAL DEAL, just the facts. Is it worth it? Does it work? These are the questions I want answered, once and for all. I have no allegiance to any brand, no advertisers that I must pacify with positive feedback, I am here to serve you.  I will be frank about the results I receive from product-polls and my own personal experiences with said products – so you can make an informed decision. Why? Honestly, we’re not all rich! Right? Some make-up, skin creams and anti-aging products are incredibly expensive! If they end up being garbage then you’ve thrown a way a huge chunk of money that could have gone toward a more worthwhile, effective product.

The films…film reviewing might seem like such an odd match when compared to my other interests listed above and I can understand how you may think that. The thing is – I hate reading film reviews! I find them dry and most often lack-lustre. The fact-of-the-matter is that if you are just going to repeat the exact same thing that I can gather on my own from viewing the trailer…then whats the point?! I have always wanted to read something thoughtful and helpful, sure, but also entertaining! Film reviews are meant to help one decide if they actually want to go-see a particular film. I want to be intrigued by a review not bored to death by it. So hopefully, while I help you stay ahead of the fashion curve I can also help you decide which movie to catch this weekend for date night! Fashion and film really do go hand-in-hand if you think about it!

My plan is to post a movie review on a weekly basis and discuss fashion regularly.  My trend spotter will make guest appearances in a “breaking news” type of fashion, whenever necessary, to convey her best “guesses” regarding which fashion articles and influences are going to be popping up in a store near you and how you can wear it best.  I hope you enjoy this blog and find it useful and perhaps it will even become your go-to source for fashion and film information.

This is for YOU! So please please please comment, ask questions, HAVE REQUESTS! I want to serve you as best as I can, so knowing what you want is key. Don’t be shy, I’m here to listen to what you are interested in hearing about and what you want to know about. Please stay tuned for my first official post! I’m hoping to have something for you to sink your teeth into in the coming week.

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