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Fall Colors 2012

Dressing for the fall is easy and while color palettes change season after season, year after year; there are a few simple tips to remember when you begin planning your fall wardrobe.

1. Don’t assume that just because it’s cooler and the days shorter that you can’t still be colorful. Whatever the colors are that you’ve fallen in love with; you can transition them into the fall by moving down the color-palette and choosing more subdued tones.  If you love lemon yellow, consider a butter yellow or even mustard.  Gem stone purples make perfectly pretty lavenders too.

2. Black, tan, grey and white are always excellent staples but don’t limit yourself to neutrals.  If you have a hard time making the transition from bright summer time colors to the more understated fall selections, try wearing neutrals with a pop of summer time color! A camel pea coat with a vibrant scarf or hand bag is one good way and you can also dress up your day wear by pairing neutral trousers/skirt ensemble with a colorful blouse.

3. Fall is a great time to incorporate metallics into your wardrobe – if you were thinking of purchasing a pair of nude heels, consider a gold pair. If you are inclined to wear grey, consider silver or a deep gun-metal hue with some sheen.

4. Accessories are easy to showcase this season because you spend a lot of time covering your outfit with a jacket. Focus on choosing a jacket with interesting details, like a peasant hood or a high collar; even ornate buttons are a great detail choice. As well, choosing boots with great details is another way to let your style shine this fall.  You can’t always get away with rocking boots that are intricate but the fall and winter are the season to try something daring.

5. Finally, your hair! You can go one of two ways; interesting updo’s that incorporate something like a bow constructed from your hair help soften the darker side of the season. However, if you like to embrace the darker inspirations of the season then now’s the time to try a new hair color or cut. A sharp angular cut that draws attention to your features is one great option and if you are looking to change colors, consider skipping the highlights/low-lights altogether and choose a warm solid tone.


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Fashion Reality Check – Purses for Men

We  all know that some runway fashions (typically haute couture) are too impractical to wear in the real world, right?  Well, what about stuff that is easily wearable in the real world but is…perhaps, unconventional?www.Valentino.com

Valentino’s fall/winter menswear show for 2012-2013 featured gorgeously tailored suits worn by gorgeously tailored men…carrying purses.  I believe in pushing the envelope and all but I just cannot fathom this translating to the mainstream. Can you? The accessories were not lavishly embellished the way women’s bags and purses are but they are, nonetheless, purses.  I understand that designers often try to make some sort of statement (social, political etc.) with their collections but was that Valentino’s aim? Perhaps he was speaking to sexual ambiguity? Overall I think this was an economically reckless choice because it only caters to or will appeal to a limited group of men. With the American economy still trying to repair itself, it seems a frivolous product and an irresponsible allocation of funds on behalf of the design house. I can absolutely foresee powerful men in Hollywood sporting this accessory simply to make the “I’m comfortable in my sexuality” statement, but the average male consumer likely has more pressing purchases to make – even where fashion is concerned.

Not to throw Valentino under the bus though – Burberry also included a few “man-purses” in their fall/winter collection this year. The notable difference between Burberry and Valentino was the size of the bags. Valentino’s creations were very similar to a “clutch” style purse while Burberry ramped-up the scale to something in between a purse and a shoulder-bag, something that could serve various needs.  Burberry’s selection was much more neutral in its representation and although I would NEVER dare use a Burberry bag to toss my gym clothes in, their bags definitely look as though they could be used for such a purpose.

So what do you think about this trend? Will it mainstream at all or was it simply meant to make a statement? If so, what is the statement?  Would your man use one?


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Do you Dazzle?

I dazzle! On a monthly basis and if you don’t know what that means then allow me to explain.  Shoedazzle.com is a fantastic website for shoe-aholics across North America.  There are no membership fees (anymore) and shipping in the USA is free and for Canada it’s only $9.00.  The way it works is, you sign up and every month a stylist (based on your profile info) builds a showroom just for you!  You get a selection of shoes, purses, jewelery and more every month. If you connect via Facebook and you have friends who dazzle too then you can shop in their showrooms as well. They introduce new products multiple times a month so what they have in their inventory today may change tomorrow.  They let you know if they are running low on an item and typically once it’s gone it’s gone so if you love it, order it! How much is this going to cost you? Just $40.00! No matter what the item or how amazing it is, it’s only $40.00 – well $39.99 but with the elimination of the penny we’ll just call it an even $40.00, OK? Where else can you get an amazing pair of shoes for just $40.00? No where! The best part is that they ship it right to your front door and it’s affordable enough that you can get a new pair of heels, flats, boots or sandals every month, for next to nothing.  These aren’t the same shoes you find in retail stores either, you know, that store you like that’s in every mall in every city across the country? so EVERYONE owns the same pair of shoes you do…not exactly fashion forward is it? With this website you get access to exclusive products AND for every 10 purchases you make you get a credit that can be used for one free product on the site (free shoes!) or for every 5 friends you invite that sign-up and make a purchase you get a free credit! So there are lots of ways to earn free stuff and seriously, who doesn’t love free?! I have been dazzling for almost a year now and I have never had an issue with the products I’ve purchased, they always fit perfectly and look amazing!! The good news is that if you do order something that doesn’t fit perfectly you can send it back for a new size BUT to avoid this altogether, I simply read customer reviews which are usually attached to each shoe and people will tell you if it fits TTS (true to size) big or small.  You can’t go wrong, so check it out today.  There is no obligation to buy and their customer service is stellar.

You can sign up and start buying today via the following link or just sign up and take a look at what they are offering!


Good luck and dazzle on!

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