Written by – Rechell McDonald

Founded – 2012

Topics of discussion – Fashion, Beauty products and Current Films.

About the Author –

I am a 20-something who is honestly just aiming to make the world a little easier to navigate and a little more fun to be a part of!  Born and raised in Ontario, Canada my inspiration for this blog derived from an obsession with films – mostly watching them but also quoting them and sometimes living by them. As well, my experiences with freelance modeling really opened my eyes to fashion and pushed me to get comfortable quickly in things I may have otherwise overlooked. I was always glad for that push and encouragement to try things outside of my own box of fashion knowledge. I hope to be that push for you!

While I would classify this blog with a G-PG rating…that is not typically how I would classify myself. I am more of an A-R rated individual, with a sense of humor that borders the territories of inappropriate and reprehensible.  If you would like to get to know that side of me, you can check out a monthly column that I write for Flave Magazine.  It’s a magazine geared toward men so in the spirit of that I developed a satirical column that looks at what men are “in for” when they live with a pregnant woman.  It’s  along the lines of What to Expect When You’re Expecting – for him.  Keep in mind this is adult humor and is not meant for children. My first column was just published and is entitled “You knocked her up, Now what!?”

You can find my column here. Please note, you must subscribe to view it but it’s quick, easy and free! Happy reading and feel free to comment on the column or message me privately through the magazine site.

The femme is now on Blogspot!



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