Halloween Costumes and Being Fashionably Appropriate

For once it’s about time that people focused on clever costuming for Halloween rather than trashy or vulgar ones.  Yes, dressing up as a cat in a piece of spandex that leaves nothing to the imagination is sexy and tempting but it’s also passe.  Why not try something thought provoking or uncanny instead?  Wouldn’t you rather someone say: Wow that is the best idea for a costume I’ve ever seen! or even, Do you remember that one girl dressed as Princess Diana last night? She looked just like her!  It’s far nicer to look good AND get a compliment for your cleverness than to just have people staring at you because you’re nearly naked.

Although, as adults, trick-or-treating is not a reality – unless you are chaperoning your children – the adult Halloween party is.  In the past I have seen some amazing costumes that left me jealous and bitter because I felt incredibly unoriginal.  The costumes that have topped my list as show-stoppers were:

1. Beetlejuice – for a moment I honestly believed Michael Keaton was standing in front of me.

2. Cloudy with a Chance of Rain – A man in a blue jump suit with cotton balls stuck to it was running around the room with a squirt bottle, spritzing everyone who asked what he was suppose to be.  It was a great play on words.

3. The Scottish Duo – A man dressed as a traditional Scotsman (Kilt, viking beard and all) and his female companion was dressed as a sheep. Yes, it’s vulgar to some degree but it was incredibly funny when you discovered they had arrived together and many people needed the costumes to be explained. Even better.

A great Halloween costume can be a good way to break the ice with people and get a conversation going.  Turning a phrase like “Cloudy with a Chance of Rain” into a costume is brilliant and seven years later – I still remember it!  The more creative you get the better your chances of winning a contest or making a splash at a party.  While dressing up as C3PO or a Star Trek away team will look neat, it’s pretty common.  Think outside the box.  Consider imitating real people (past or present) or consider going as a duo or group.

Some great duos or teams you could imitate are;

  • The Scooby-Doo crew or any combination of the characters
  • A Matador and his/her Bull
  • Prince William and The Duchess (Kate Middleton)
  • The Avengers (their true selves or the superhero versions)
  • Bella and Edward
  • The Harry Potter Kids or Teachers

The options for Halloween costumes are only limited by your imagination and I think it’s time to really put those imaginations to work.  You are not five years old anymore, being a witch, cowboy, vampire, cat or zombie is no Imagelonger acceptable unless you plan to step it up a notch.  If you insist on being a vampire than you should go all out and model yourself after the Volturi (creepy red contact lenses, long hair and all) or if you insist on being a Witch then you better be going overboard in your resemblance to Angelica Houston in Witches or Michelle Pfiefer at her worst in Stardust! Make it memorable and have fun.

Halloween has become an excuse to dress inappropriately and act inappropriately – it’s lost all sense of it’s ghoulish nature and I think that is sad.  Bring Halloween back to it’s true splendor by really dressing up in a fantastical way.  Having children is no excuse either; kids like to go out and if you are going with them then you should get in the spirit and enjoy it with them.  You may think a young child who is unable to walk is a hindrance to getting costumed or taking your other kids out – this is not so.  Incorporate your infant into your costume.  If you have ever seen the original Total Recall film then you can turn yourself, your infant and a baby harness into that freaky being “Kuato” that is coming out of the man’s guys chest and whispers “Quaaaaaaaid.”  It’s really easy if you put your mind to it and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

The road map to deciding on the perfect costume.

1. Decide if you are going solo or as part of a duo/group.

2. Choose whether your goal is to be frightening, clever or funny.

3. Stipulate your budget.

4. Do some research that includes shuffling through proverbs, character lists, literary characters and figures of speech. See what you like and then run with it!

Good luck and Happy Halloween!


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