Fall Dresses – Get on Board!

Dresses are the perfect everyday garment.  A lot of women associate dresses with work-wear or special occasions but in reality they are incredibly versatile.

Fall is coming up and it’s always a great time to introduce a new dress or two into your wardrobe because the selection in stores right now is huge.  Skip over picturing yourself in the classic LBD because that’s not what we’re talking about today! Great styles to consider for the fall are long-sleeve jersey dresses, either a wrap-style or fitted and sweater dresses.  Jersey dresses are amazing because they are thin but warm and you can get them in a variety of lengths with many different collar and sleeve styles.  A jersey dress can be easily paired with a big comfy sweater and stylish boots or for warmer fall days a nice scarf would be the perfect accessory.

Sweater dresses are going to be a huge hit this season, the variety of styles has doubled in the last year and you can find almost any shape imaginable.  There are fitted turtle-neck styles in both cocktail and knee-lengths, fit in flare scoop necks or, my personal favorite right now, the simple elongated cable-knit sweater with a cowl neck-line that doubles as a hood.  These dresses are perfect for any boot; ankle, knee or thigh-high and when spring rolls around they are still usable and pair great with a fashionable sandal or demure heel.

I think the one aspect of dresses that gets over looked the most is how simple and easy they are. Choose the dress and your outfit is mostly complete! You don’t have to fret over mixing and matching tops and bottoms, especially for the office which can be a pain depending on your body shape.  If you select the right length and cut of dress it will flatter your figure and elongate your body with minimal effort in the planning department. All you really have to do is choose some complementary accessories; scarves, foot-wear, jewelry or bag and you are set for the day.  Dresses also translate well from day to night so if you have a function in the evening you don’t have to plan a new out fit and you’ll save a lot of time.

The places I would suggest shopping for fall dresses are Victoria’s Secret online, H&M, RW & Co and even Ricki’s.  They all have a great selection of casual dresses but Victoria’s Secret by far has the most to choose from and very reasonable prices and you don’t have to go to the mall!  If you really want to get a good deal and dip your toes into the dress pool without investing a fortune in something you may not care for – go to Walmart; I’m not kidding.  They have great quality jersey dresses for under $15 CAD; while their sweater dress selection is minimal and far from stunning what they do offer is cute and affordable.


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