Cosmetics GALORE – Which do you love?

I am such a lucky little lady.  I was gifted a vast assortment of make-up from various lines, from eye-shadow to lipstick to concealer! As you can imagine…I had a hay-day trying it all out.  I am just LOVING some of the stuff my perceptive gift-givers chose for me.  I am very pale, freckly and a ginger-kid.  Let me tell you how fun it is trying to find the right shade of concealer. Oh. Boy.  Anyway, I must must MUST! Give a mountain-top shout out to Lancome. The quality of their cosmetics is astounding.  Their eye shadows translate from palette to face flawlessly and true to color, they blend spectacularly and the color assortment is just perfect! I must give a nod to what has now become my favorite eye shadow color, Kitten-heel! Its a shimmery dusty pink with gold undertones and it’s available as a single or in a quad.  It really is like wearing happiness, just one of those colors that make you smile.

The second place finisher, also from Lancome, is there High-Definition Mascara in black.  The brush is simply wicked, no clumps and even coverage PLUS it easily picks up all the little lashes at the corners of the eye.  Another bonus with this mascara? Well, for me, removing mascara sucks! I’m not big on makeup removers so I often just use soap and water, which usually means raccoon-eyes and multiple scrubs.  With this stuff? One wash and gone! It was simply unbelievable.  I caught myself rubbing my eye earlier and then panicked, thinking I smudged it all up, and it hadn’t even flaked! It still looked flawless and my lashes are looking long and plentiful and then it washed away like nothing. Um, can you say “Perfect Product,” is that even possible!?  I can’t say thank you enough to the make-up gurus at Lancome and my fairy gift-givers, Gwen and Kayleigh!

I also tried out the AgeRewind concealer/highlighter duo in fair from Maybelline, which comes in a pen form with concealer on one end and a highlighter on the other. Simply the best under-eye coverage I have ever had. My biggest issue with concealers is that they tend to have yellow undertones and my undertones are pink – so usually concealers don’t ever match my skin and are impossible to blend in.  Not this wonder-wand! Blended magically, I look rested and it hasn’t sunken into any fine lines or pores yet and I applied it 4 hours ago!  The highlighter is great because it is understated. It refracts a bit of light but I don’t look like I have fairy-dust splatter around the contours of my face.

I still have so many pieces to try out and even some nail polish! Oh my! I will have to find some more spare time to fool around with everything.  I’d love to hear what you use, what products you love or hate and what you would recommend.  Also, what are the biggest roadblocks you’ve run into with makeup? Colors, applicators, formulas?  Let’s hear it!


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