Must Try Trends: Trench Coats and Neon!

Neon is back with a vengeance but this ain’t your 1980’s-1990’s neon!

Neon is back in a big way but I know it can be a little scary to sport it. No worries.  We are going to ease into it.  While celebs are wearing entire frocks in spastic colors like vibrant lime and screaming fuchsia, we

Neon all over but seriously, check out those shoes!

can’t all pull it off – or be styled by Dolce! So, lets get practical.  Try getting some classic pumps in a trendy color, like lime or fuscia and pair it with something simple, like your LBD. Another option for this trend is purses, while I know that purses can be quite the investment and therefore a risky buy in such a trendy color, there are ways to make it work for your budget.  If it’s a style you want to try but you are unsure, look for a deal.  Store’s like Winner’s are great for carrying fashion-relevant items like purses for a discounted price, as well, you should also consider checking out stores such as H&M, Simon’s and American Apparel.  I don’t suggest running out and investing in a GUESS purse if you aren’t 100% invested in this trend. is currently carrying a great selection of neon inspired purses and shoes for $40.00 a pop and at that price-point you can definitely afford to experiment! So be edgy, be daring and get creative gals.

Electric purple! I can’t think of a better way to ring in summer than a pretty new purse in an eye-catching shade.

Kim is doing neon right, tone down your outfit and give the shoes some room to breath.

What is the must-have item of 2012?

That’s easy, a trench coat! If you have always wanted or already own a classic trench then it’s time to dust it off.  The original khaki color is back and truly will never go out of style, a classic is a classic for a good reason.  If you are sporting the original khaki color, you can bring it up to date by changing out the typical fabric belt with a more modern structured one, in perhaps black leather or patent leather – if you are feeling daring why not ad a pop of color? A trench is a popular, go-to coat to throw on over a dress or a skirt ensemble and is perfect whether you are going to the movies, dinner or even work.  Bare legs is key to this look, this year, so bare it all and throw on some killer heels that beg to be shown off.  Something with architectural interest or a stunning pattern would be perfect.

Is the classic trench not modern enough for you? That’s okay, you have so many options and if color is what you crave then you are in luck.  The house of Burberry has trenches coming out the wazoo for 2012.  The eclectic options include dazzling colors and a myriad of fabric choices that range from tweed to cashmere and linen to leather!

Mustard never looked so chic! This will brighten up any rainy summer day and keep you cozy right through the fall.

This vibrant orange shorter trench is just what the doctor ordered! How can you not smile every time you pull this on?

Check out this show-stopper, leather classic-length trench in teal will definitely turn some heads this summer/fall.


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