Fashion and Films, the ultimate pair!

I created “FFF” for two reasons;  The first being so I can discuss fashion with the world in a way that is both relevant and accessible, the second being so that I can discuss current cinematic samplings in a way that is critical but also entertaining. A review that you WANT to read – that you look forward to reading.

There is an aspect of fashion that is somehow elite – closed to the everyday bystander. Whether it’s the terminology or the seemingly outrageous garbs that initially appear on runways, people just avoid truly engaging in fashion and it’s ever-changing trends. I am aiming to make it fun again, offering insight on how-to translate the runway version to a wearable version and most importantly try to highlight which aspects are going to be the next IT thing(s). Furthermore, I want to spot those trends first, so that you can be the first to sport them!  I plan to achieve this by meticulously scrutinizing the sources – the designers themselves – and their latest runway offerings. I also intend to branch this out into beauty and worth-while products.  All my beauty insight will come to you via personal testing, polls based on volunteer testers and medical professionals – in short it will be the REAL DEAL, just the facts. Is it worth it? Does it work? These are the questions I want answered, once and for all. I have no allegiance to any brand, no advertisers that I must pacify with positive feedback, I am here to serve you.  I will be frank about the results I receive from product-polls and my own personal experiences with said products – so you can make an informed decision. Why? Honestly, we’re not all rich! Right? Some make-up, skin creams and anti-aging products are incredibly expensive! If they end up being garbage then you’ve thrown a way a huge chunk of money that could have gone toward a more worthwhile, effective product.

The films…film reviewing might seem like such an odd match when compared to my other interests listed above and I can understand how you may think that. The thing is – I hate reading film reviews! I find them dry and most often lack-lustre. The fact-of-the-matter is that if you are just going to repeat the exact same thing that I can gather on my own from viewing the trailer…then whats the point?! I have always wanted to read something thoughtful and helpful, sure, but also entertaining! Film reviews are meant to help one decide if they actually want to go-see a particular film. I want to be intrigued by a review not bored to death by it. So hopefully, while I help you stay ahead of the fashion curve I can also help you decide which movie to catch this weekend for date night! Fashion and film really do go hand-in-hand if you think about it!

My plan is to post a movie review on a weekly basis and discuss fashion regularly.  My trend spotter will make guest appearances in a “breaking news” type of fashion, whenever necessary, to convey her best “guesses” regarding which fashion articles and influences are going to be popping up in a store near you and how you can wear it best.  I hope you enjoy this blog and find it useful and perhaps it will even become your go-to source for fashion and film information.

This is for YOU! So please please please comment, ask questions, HAVE REQUESTS! I want to serve you as best as I can, so knowing what you want is key. Don’t be shy, I’m here to listen to what you are interested in hearing about and what you want to know about. Please stay tuned for my first official post! I’m hoping to have something for you to sink your teeth into in the coming week.

Red.Your's truly paying at one of her favorite pass times - modeling!


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